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Celebrate the flavors of Hanukkah with your baby

by BabyCenter Guest Blogger posted in Life & Home By Cheryl Moellenbeck Tallman Some people know Hanukkah as the Festival of Lights. They know about the candles lit to commemorate the miracle of the Hanukkah oil that lasted eight days, when it should have only lasted one day. What they might not know, is Hanukkah […]

Morning Sickness? These Breakfasts Might Help

Morning sickness is the pits; there’s no point sugar coating it. Waking up every single day feeling like you’re on a boat, or worse like you’ve been out all night on “the sauce” (when you were actually in bed by 8.30) is completely unfair. But, unfortunately it goes with the territory. When you wake up […]

What’s With All the Doctor’s Appointments in Pregnancy?

Congratulations! You’re pregnancy test is positive. Great news! You book in to see your GP to have your pregnancy confirmed, and find out what to do next. Your doctor then presents you with a nine month calendar of antenatal appointments and you start to feel a little overwhelmed. You’ve only ever visited the doctor for […]

The Emotional Conflict When Maternity Leave Ends

Few women experience a change in life circumstances more drastic than when we have a family. Generally speaking, most women have carved out a life for themselves, have a job and probably a career that they are deeply engaged in. That time at home with your baby is a hard, beautiful, joyful and incredibly trying […]

Coffee Anyone? Just How Much Is Safe When Breastfeeding?

In those first ‘new born’ weeks of hazy days, constant night feeds and nappy changes, it can feel like coffee is the only life-giving source. You wouldn’t be the first new Mum to reinvigorate her coffee addiction. But it’s worth considering how much you’re consuming, particularly if you’re breast feeding. According to the Australian Breastfeeding Association, […]

Should I Give My Baby the Flu Shot?

After a horror flu season in 2017, many parents are talking about ways to protect their children from the flu. The ‘flu shot’ is one of the options coming up in conversation. But there is a lack of knowledge around whether it is safe to immunise your baby against the flu. Here, we help you […]

Here’s How to Get Your Pregnancy Glow On

While some women are lucky enough to experience that pregnancy glow from the get-go, there are many who aren’t so lucky. Raging hormones, cravings for food you may have never been interested in before and your changing shape can present a few skin challenges during pregnancy. But don’t despair, there are things you can do […]

What To Expect at Your 12 Week Scan

In Australia, women are offered two ultrasounds throughout their pregnancy. One is offered between 11 and 13 weeks and is known as the 12 week scan. The second is known as the 20 week scan. The 12 week scan is offered to confirm the dates of your pregnancy, forms part of the screening for downs […]

A Brief Word on Growth Charts

I’m sure you’ve seen the growth charts for tracking the weight, length and head circumference of your baby in their Maternal & Child Health book. Simply put, if your baby is on the 50th centile for weight this means that 50% of the population is heavier than him or her and 50% lighter. That’s ‘average’. If he or […]

Baby Communication: Tuning in to Your Baby

As parents, we are taught by the midwives in the hospital and our MCH nurses how to look after our babies, but not necessarily how to communicate with them, or tune in to their communication cues. We are taught to feed them when they cry, if they are due for a feed, or change their […]