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How to clean up a nail polish spill

by Jamielyn Nye posted in Life & Home Last week my little girl requested pink toes, so I gave her chubby little feet a pedicure. After her toes were painted, I went to grab a paper towel and within a few seconds the nail polish had been spilled all over the floor. What a nightmare! […]

Party time! The best party punch ever…

by Lindsay Weiss posted in Life & Home With all graduation and Memorial Day weekend festivities coming up, it occurred to me that I’ve never shared my favorite punch-to-serve-a-crowd. I love this. My kids love this. My husband loves this. My girlfriends really love this with a splash of vodka. It’s just a great all-purpose […]

12 classic kids’ party games

by Rebecca Miller Ffrench posted in Life & Home Do you remember a time when there were no bouncy castles, clowns, or dress-up characters at kids’ birthday parties? It was just lots of good ol’-fashioned homespun fun. Sadly, party games are facing extinction. Before these games completely fade away, it’s time to revive the classics—they […]

This family of 6 co-sleeps in a bed you have to see to believe

by Sara McGinnis posted in Life & Home Is it possible that it’s the size of bed and not how many people are in it that’s the key factor in making co-sleeping work? All I know is that suddenly my disinterest in having a family bed is weakening after setting eyes up on the cozy monster […]

6 ways to make store-bought frosting taste homemade

by Lindsay Weiss posted in Life & Home I know. I know. Homemade frosting is always better. But sometimes, like today, you look at your calendar and realized you committed to bring 48 cupcakes to a school event and you have, like, an hour to get them done. That, my friends, is when you break […]

13 freaky challenges that make the kids squeal

by Sara McGinnis posted in Life & Home Whether bad weather has you stuck inside this winter, it’s Halloween time, or you’ve got a kid set on a Fear Factor birthday party, there are plenty of freaky-fun challenges out there to entertain a crowd. How far is your child willing to go? Find out! Thanks […]

5 things to know about baby’s coming-home outfit

by BabyCenter Guest Blogger posted in Life & Home By Sharon Schneider, Moxie Jean CEO Each time I’ve brought a baby home from the hospital–I’ve done it three times now–I learned something new about what we really needed. First, you will be relieved to know you don’t need baby clothes for the time you are […]

11 books to read with your kids for Black History Month

by Laura Falin posted in Life & Home In honor of Black History Month, we’ve pulled together a list of books to read with your kids. From tales based on actual historic events to fiction featuring African American kids (who are still grossly underrepresented in children’s literature), here are some books here to get your […]

Celebrate the flavors of Hanukkah with your baby

by BabyCenter Guest Blogger posted in Life & Home By Cheryl Moellenbeck Tallman Some people know Hanukkah as the Festival of Lights. They know about the candles lit to commemorate the miracle of the Hanukkah oil that lasted eight days, when it should have only lasted one day. What they might not know, is Hanukkah […]

Morning Sickness? These Breakfasts Might Help

Morning sickness is the pits; there’s no point sugar coating it. Waking up every single day feeling like you’re on a boat, or worse like you’ve been out all night on “the sauce” (when you were actually in bed by 8.30) is completely unfair. But, unfortunately it goes with the territory. When you wake up […]