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Easy Father’s Day tuxedo ice cream (no churn!)

by Lindsay Weiss posted in Life & Home This ice cream is a mouthwatering surprise the kids can help make for Dad this weekend. Think salted caramel ice cream with a fudge swirl running through to give it the desired tuxedo (black and white-ish) effect. And the best part? You can let the mixer do […]

Recipe for fun: Homemade play dough

by Catherine McCord posted in Life & Home One of the greatest gifts I was given when I married my husband was an amazing mother-in-law. She’s sweet, easy-going AND a pre-school teacher. Talk about a trifecta! She’s always shares her wise advice about all issues pertaining to young kids. One of the most fun activities […]

Delusional declarations of a new parent

by Chris Cook posted in Life & Home When my wife was pregnant, I can remember seeing parents let their kids play with their cell phone, iPad or whatever electronic device they had on hand. I remember thinking something along the lines of, “Wow, what lazy parenting. I will NEVER subdue my child with electronics.” […]

The SMOOTHIEST way to get your kids to eat their greens

by Jamielyn Nye posted in Life & Home If your kids are anything like mine the thought of eating vegetables, or even looking at them for that matter, is terrifying. There are a few vegetables my kids WILL eat but for the most part they get thrown on the floor. I keep trying nonetheless. However, […]

How to play with kids without really moving

by Scott Adler posted in Life & Home Possibly it’s because they have a runny nose for 48 months at a time, but kids don’t understand sick. When they see symptoms that signal you’re one step away from death, a single thought goes through their little noggins: dog pile. At least, Stella and Theo were […]

7 newborn photos to take before you leave the hospital

by Jennifer Borget posted in Life & Home That first day or so at the hospital is prime time for snapping memories that will last a lifetime. There’s nothing sweeter than photos of a fresh baby! To be clear, ideally these are not smartphone photos. These memories are the biggies. So when you’re packing your […]