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5 ideas for a simple animal-themed first birthday

by Molly Balint posted in Toddlerhood It’s amazing to look back over your baby’s first year of life and marvel at how much has changed. I remember bringing home my daughter from the hospital that first night, overwhelmed by dirty diapers and newborn cries and the fact that my “perfectly prepared nursery” wasn’t as perfectly […]

A week’s worth of preschool lunches your kiddo will love

by Lindsay Weiss posted in Toddlerhood When it comes to packing preschool or day care lunch, sometimes the hardest part is figuring out what. What to put in those little containers. What won’t get sent home uneaten. What is or isn’t allowed in the classroom. That what  requires a lot of thinking for a tired […]

7 recipes that convinced even my picky kid to eat something healthy

by Lindsay Weiss posted in Toddlerhood I know some of you are blessed with kiddos who are great eaters. I have two of them, and I’m grateful for how easy they are to feed. I’m especially grateful I don’t have to worry about their nutrition because, well, I worry about a lot of things and […]

5 steps to planning a perfect play date

by McKenzie Stamper posted in Toddlerhood Play dates aren’t what they used to be when I was growing up. This was all before Pinterest and Instagram stories. The closest thing I got to a planned play date was my mom buying me the new Lisa Frank fuzzy coloring posters for my Friday night sleepover. Was […]

7 tips for managing toddler tantrums

by BabyCenter Guest Blogger posted in Toddlerhood By Bethanie Garcia When I was pregnant with my first child, I got some great parenting advice — probably the best I’ve ever received. My mom said to me, “Parenting is hard. Worth it, but hard.” At the time, I thought, “Uh, okay? Thanks for the encouragement, Mom!” But […]

How to stay sane on a day trip with your baby

by McKenzie Stamper posted in Toddlerhood Taking a day trip with your baby can be pretty intimidating, even disastrous if you do not come prepared. Going out with a baby unprepared is like going to the beach mid-summer without your sunblock. In other words, you will get burned…badly! It can turn a fun day into […]

10 things you absolutely need when leaving your house with a toddler

by Tabitha Blue posted in Toddlerhood You’d think that once your baby’s out of the infant phase, you’d be able to leave the diaper bag behind. Not so! Your bag will be lighter (yay!), but no mama wants to be stuck without a few toddler essentials when away from home. And by “essentials,” I mostly […]

The no screen guide to entertaining your toddler

by Tabitha Blue posted in Toddlerhood We’ve all fallen guilty to it — it’s so easy to let screen time give us that break we need. And you know what? It’s okay! We all can use a break now and then. Yet in an ongoing battle against mindless entertainment for our kids, we find creative […]