3 Ways Your Mom Marketing Sucks [Part 1]

Despite strategy and plentiful hours spend brainstorming with your powerful creative team; your marketing efforts still seem to be falling flat and moms are just not responding to your perfect solution to their ever so clear problem…WHY?!

We all know that moms are the holy grail when it comes to retail marketing as the South African female holds 92% of all purchasing decisions. Despite this massive target market, brands are still missing the mark as 92% of women say that advertisers do not understand them and as much as 52% of women indicate that they are actively annoyed by marketer’s approaches!

Despite this fantastic possibility that is the mom-market and despite thousands of Rands thrown at research trying to understand the South African mother; marketers are still having little success and making the same mistakes over and over again when trying to reach us.

Here are 3 of them:

Part 1. Your Copywriter is Not A Mom

Having a non-mom write your ad copy or in fact, touch any part of your ad for that matter is marketing suicide… we can smell a non-mom a mile away. You’ve got to earn your stripes to play in this pen. Moms are vicious – it takes the smallest little insignificant error and you’ve lost her forever!

The most despised tool in a non-mom marketer’s arsenal would be the ever so overused pastels…

Pastel makes us puke! If I see another pastel pink or pastel blue ad, I’ll pull my hair out. We are normal human beings – just because we gave birth to a little human, doesn’t mean we lost our ‘cool’ ‘creativity’ or eyesight for that matter. No, it’s not all googly eyes and twinkle twinkle little star. It’s time for funky to return to mom-focused ads.
Try move with the mom through the baby stages. Within the newborn phase, we do veer towards more white’s, pastel’s and softer colours as we tend to see this period as a ‘pure’ stage in the baby’s life. But as soon as that little munchkin starts moving, it’s time to liven things up!

Also, please marketer; ditch the stereotype of the miserable, frazzled overworked, out of control mom. Yup, we all have good days and bad days, but most of us do manage to shower most mornings.

There is a fine line between understanding our mom-life problems and not focusing only on the chaos…but this again is only a concept a REAL mom could transform into marketing magic. 


For the next brainstorming session, please tell Jason, Harry and Tony that they might have to sit this one out and get the mom’s opinions first.

And let’s add onto that to say – have a mom of 3 or more kids write copy, and have her be older – they know what’s the deal and that’s who we want to take advice from.

Monique Elliott

Monique Elliott

A Mom of 3 / A Mom-Marketing Specialist In SA