You clicked to read PART 2 and we rejoice!

As a recap – in PART 1 we discussed the not-so-perfect pastels, non-mom copywriters and making sure you’re communicating with humans, not frazzled incompetent zombie moms. Want to read it again? CLICK HERE

Here is the second reason your marketing to moms may suck:

Part 2. You Are Not Aware Of How Brutal Moms Can Be

Lie to us, dare to hurt our children or simply show insincerity…you’re toast!

Moms can viral a story quicker than a Cape Town wildfire in January!!! Dealing with a mom audience is a FULL-TIME JOB.  Why is this so? Well, let me tell you…

ALL MOMS THINK THEIR OPINIONS ARE GOLD – yes, I said it. We are a strange breed of people. On one hand, no mom sees herself similar to any other – we are unique, our kids are unique, our everything is unique and we shall share with the world!

Each mom feels a super strong urge of uniqueness. Where one mom complains about washing, another feels that too much tv is her biggest worry, or that she is letting down her friends or work or body or family – we see ourselves as different. The ‘village’ is no more. Each mom for herself.

On the other hand though…we see ourselves as part of the secret mom-club; where we fight together for the betterment of our youngins. Fierce, strong, viscous, OPINIONATED!

So what is a marketer to do?!

The main piece of advice I can give is to tread carefully.

It’s not just about the product functionality and how it will help overcome a pain point in the mom’s life, but we want to buy from a company or brand where there is alignment in values. A purchase for one’s child goes much deeper than price…
We select products not only based on fulfilling our need but to also align to values such as ethical sourcing and sustainability.

Making an emotional connection with moms is a great way to connect, but you must tie that connection to your brand message in a way that is authentic and organic. Using emotion for emotion’s sake makes us feel exploited.


Be as authentic and truthful as can be and don’t communicate a message that you cannot back up with product/service. The good swing on this is as much as moms can spread bad reviews, the opposite could work wonders for your brand! If you delight a mother, she will talk and talk and talk!

Monique Elliott

Monique Elliott

A Mom of 3 / A Mom-Marketing Specialist In SA