Question Of The Day #4

What is the best thing about having more than 1 child?

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  1. Shumaya
    Shumaya says:

    My children would play and have lots of fun together.2 kids would be a blessing and it would be fun to do more things with them.on road trips we would have sing alongs.

  2. Tumiso Charlotte Gopane
    Tumiso Charlotte Gopane says:

    Knowing that you have multipled your heart more than once. Is the best thing because you will be loved not once but million times. And you will be able to test how big is your own heart

  3. Shubnum Bridgmohan
    Shubnum Bridgmohan says:

    Knowing that there can be more love in your family as a whole…and u can spread it to each other which equals more smiles and happiness to last a lifetime!

  4. Shanlee
    Shanlee says:

    Loving each other to the fullest,playing together and the eldest one can teach the younger one a lot of things
    Bring joy in ones life

  5. LEE
    LEE says:

    first of all haveing more than one child is a blessing and seeing tham grow up together helping each ather being besties learn from one anouther oh and just looking at tham how strong the love is

  6. jade
    jade says:

    Seeing the love that they have for one another, the boys are so protective of their sister and she just lights up whenever she hears or sees them.Knowing that neither of them will ever feel lonely because they can always count on each other for friendship and comfort.

  7. Nontando Shezi
    Nontando Shezi says:

    seeing them playing together is the best feeling ever, and when one is cried all of them just cried especialy my twins

  8. Priscilla Ortell
    Priscilla Ortell says:

    Let’s be honest for a minute: Having only one child is much easier for parents than having two or more children. Many parents of single children complain that they actually have a more difficult time because the time of entertaining the child falls entirely on the parents. So many single children will miss out on this opportunity to socialize, and if there are siblings, its better.


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